Let’s Get Boring

I recently moved house from a middle-of-nowhere urban wasteland to a 2-minute walk from the local bar district. The British love their booze and given that most of my social circle has worked in a bar at some point in their life, there hasn’t been a shortage of “fancy a pint?” texts.

One night I was sitting in Wetherspoons with friends and we were talking about getting older. I said, ‘It always annoyed me how society expects you to do certain things in a certain order by a certain age… go to uni, get a job, get married, buy a house, have kids.’

Emily said, ‘And everyone feels sorry for you if you haven’t done that… even if you don’t want to do that.’

Her words reminded me of a time an ex said, ‘Congratulations, you now have the party lifestyle you’ve always wanted’ like it was an insult. Like now I was no longer eighteen, I should have settled down to a lifetime of monotony.

The truth is, yes I am a party girl and yes I like going out. I like the dissonance of a packed bar, I like the semi-euphoric feeling of occasion, I like the tipsy wine haze. The moment I give that up for slumping on the sofa in front of “crap telly” (seriously, if you say those words with a humble sense of pride then just kill yourself), I’ve let myself down as a person. I would have given up doing what I like for a calm, monotonous, sensible life because society thinks I should take up gardening or baking or some other wholesome bullshit that women who post memes about how being knee-deep in used nappies is the hardest job in the world do.

I’ll take the partying, thanks, especially given that I can bake the best chocolate brownies on the planet already. And instead of judging me, why don’t you judge yourself for being dead inside.


  1. Wow your posts are very self-absorbed and one-sided views of the world. For someone who doesn’t want to be judgemental about other people’s lives and what they do you are not doing a very good job. Your posts would be a lot more respected if they gave a rounded view of a scenario rather than just a one-sided rant each time.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to post your comment. I feel that the great thing about having a personal blog is having a platform to post your own personal views and opinions. Whilst not necessarily reflecting my full view of each topic, writing out a rant can be really cathartic, although other people may not see it as such. Once again, thanks for the feedback!

  2. Personal blogs are fun and obviously this is your view. I’m assuming you are as forthright with your views in person rather than just on here and equally as accepting of other people’s lives being just as “exciting” as your own

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