Don’t be that person

My favourite article this morning was this one, with the headline “‘Fairy control’ to halt tiny doors in Somerset woods” and the whole thing is brilliant, I highly recommend reading it if you’re having a bit of a downer and need cheering up.

My second favourite article was a Buzzfeed one – “A Woman Left A Romantic Sign For A Hot Guy And He Replied”, I like happy endings and serendipitous situations, we don’t get them enough in life so bite me. The gist of the article is that a woman left a physical ‘missed connection’ sign, it got noticed by the local community, both parties became minor local celebrities, they met up and it went really well. It’s really sweet in a cheesy feel-good sort of way.

I promised myself to never read the comments on news (or any other) sites but this time I scrolled down because you can’t say anything negative about the situation, right?

The majority of the comments were criticising Sarah’s (the woman in the article) outfit. Why did she wear a baggy t-shirt? What’s with the shorts? Why does she look so much older than him?

I don’t remember seeing any comments about Will’s outfit and to be honest I don’t want to re-read the comments because they’ll just make me angry again. What is wrong with people? The two people directly involved in the situation – the only two people directly involved in the situation met up, they got on well enough for the guy to ask her to stay for a WEEK, and all people can focus on is that her outfit isn’t to the liking of random strangers on the internet? That’s without even mentioning that there is nothing wrong with her outfit at all. Have we really become that compartmentalised as a society that anyone who doesn’t wear a bodycon dress on a date is vilified?

The most common rebuttal in the comments to anyone called out on the shallowness was, ‘Well it’s a public website and I’m entitled to my opinion’ and yes, the proverbial about opinions and arseholes is true. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t educate yourself. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop before pressing the submit button and think, ‘What gives me the right to judge a woman by her looks instead of being happy that two strangers connected against all odds and everyone got a little warm feeling inside?’ There’s a good chance that I would’ve made the same comment a few years/months ago but I like to think I’m a better person now.

One of the depressing things about the comments was that so many of them came from women, probably the same women who complain about being objectified and catcalled in the street. How do they expect attitudes to change if they’re perpetuating the exact same behaviour? The girl in the article is beautiful and great for not being afraid to take the initiative and put herself out there like that. The people who are ‘entitled to [their] opinion’… I’m sorry, but no. Your opinion is shallow and wrong and you should be ashamed of yourself.


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